Saturday, 1 August 2015

Oma's Blues: The Vase

 I'm working on the applique shapes that make up Oma's centre plate. Today, its the vase.
 Applique shapes have a habit of growing, so I keep checking them against the template
 I'm using stitch and wash fusible for the applique pieces 
 I'm fussy cutting all my shapes 
and my finished vase!
 I love this fabric and I'm not surprised it's called Dutch Cottage, it's perfect for my Oma's Blues
When I have my shape completed, I iron it and then position it into place on my background using basting glue. I've pinned my background fabric over the pattern template (which is clearly showing through).

Oma's Blues is my current free BOM; 
you can download the pattern parts over in my Yahoo Bom Group

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

WOW: LE Hand Sewing

WOW = WIPs On Wednesday

Today I'm going to spend the morning hand sewing my LE2 quilt. I just love this quilt and I've added a new border that I think really makes it come into its own, so I'm looking forward to finishing it and showing it off. But for now, it's good old fashioned hard work time..

What's Your WOW?

Monday, 27 July 2015

LE2: Ring Time

The compass ring has been positioned, glued and ironed down. Now it's time to place the little circles at the compass points.
I prepared these a few weeks ago and tucked them in an envelope. On days when I don't feel like tacking anything 'big' I work at preperation - there's always so much to do. I'd forgotten about these fussy cut circles for LE2 but I found them during my room clean up last week, so I feel like I've made up on time!
 And now I just have to hand sew everything down

Saturday, 25 July 2015

LE2: Putting Down The Ring

Accuracy is everything, so check and then double check the measurements of your ring, background fabric and inside ring measure. I'm cutting away the inside circle to leave a margin all the way around.
 Clip all the way around with sharp scissors, working in small neat snips
Avoid clipping all the way to the edge; when you turn the edge over, you don't want any snipped fabric to show or tear. So when you snip, always leave a millimetre un-clipped as a safety margin. My needle here shows how I don't snip all the way.
 Keep checking back to the pattern template for accuracy
I often snip my points or centre markings - these snips indicate points that make sense to me. I do this throughout all my patterns so if you ever see my fusible or progress work with snips, that's why. It's a kind of guide to help me keep position.
 These points are important so I've marked them
with this tool
The snip guides help me to position everything just so. When it comes to positioning the compass ring, you must take care to do so accurately. This will prevent warping when you stitch it down to the rest of the centre.
With the main points pinned down, I unpin each section at a time and dab basting glue in the area before carefully putting it down and positioning it into place.
Dabbing one section at a time makes placement easier. If you dab the whole ring and then try to guide it into position, it will be hard to accurately and flatly guide down.
 Section by section
 And finally I add the centre polka dot middle
Whenever you iron into position to set the glue for the time being, always cover the block with fabric. This keeps the fabric clean, prevents shine and I find it gets blocks flatter than when they are ironed directly. It works for me.
If you're making any of my patterns that require a 'ring' I have a video tutorial on how I do this relating to my Oma's Blues quilt and in particular the rings that are created for the charm plates. You can view this tutorial by clicking on my side bar under the tutorials tab.
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